Nutrition: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan

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Learn How To Build The Perfect Diet & Meal Plan For Improved Health, Better Weight Loss And More Muscle Gains Hi, I'm Felix Harder fitness and dieting coach and amazon best selling author. My "Nutrition Masterclass" is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet, no matter if you're an athlete, bodybuilder or simply want to live a healthier life. My Approach Practice, practice and more practice. Every section inside this course has a practice lecture at the end, reinforcing everything with went over in the lectures. I also created a small application the you will be able to download to help you practice PHP. To top it off, we will build and awesome CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
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Course Benefits
  • N Understand the fundamentals of healthy dieting (calories, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins & minerals)
  • N Create a diet that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle
  • N Learn when, what and how much you should eat for optimal body composition
  • N Build more muscle by optimizing your meal plan
  • N Lose fat faster by optimizing your meal plan
  • N Improve immunity and energy levels with the right vitamins and minerals

Course Curriculum

Meal Planning Basics

  • Macronutrients Explained
  • Meal Planning Explained
  • How Much Fat Should You Consume Per Day

Setting Up Your Diet

Adjusting Your Diet For Weigh Loss & Muscle Gains

Common Dieting Trends Explained

Dieting Tips & Strategies

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Material Includes

  • N 4 hours on-demand video
  • N 4 articles
  • N 3 downloadable resources
  • N Full lifetime access
  • N Access on mobile and TV
  • N Certificate of Completion


  • N No prior health knowledge is required or assumed
  • N A digital food scale will help but is not required

Target Audience

  • N Anyone wanting to learn the truth about dieting & meal planning
  • N Anyone with an open mind towards dieting

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